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dustry segments that release market potential are expected to continue expanding

2017-12-01 11:49:31

Industry segments that release market potential are expected to continue expanding

According to the development law of the environmental protection industry in the developed countries in the world, the investment in the environmental protection industry in our country is expected to maintain its rapid growth for more than 10 years. At present, China's environmental protection industry concentration is low, the industry has great potential for development.

Industry segments that release market potential are expected to continue expanding

1, the environmental protection industry will maintain 10-20 years of rapid growth

Europe and the United States have generally experienced the process of economic development of environmental pollution and pollution control in the field of environmental protection. From the international experience, in the early stage of development of the environmental protection industry, membrane housing.8040 the growth rate of the industry is very fast. In the United States, for example, its environmental protection policy was introduced intensively around 1970 and its industry growth rate was above 20% in the next 20 years. Since then, as the environmental situation has improved, the policy direction has shifted from administrative means to more market-based Means, investment in environmental protection industry growth rate slipped to below 10%. A similar situation also occurred in Japan. In 1971-1979, it was the first rapid growth of Japan's environmental protection industry. During this period, it mainly focused on industrial pollution control. During that period, the total expenditure on pollution control gradually increased from 0.76% to 2.35% . With the subsequent pollution problems in life, 1990-1999 into the second round of rapid growth period, this time the proportion of environmental expenditures as a proportion of fiscal expenditure rose further to 3.1%.

China's environmental protection policy started in the 1980s. As early as 1984 and 1988, the "Law of Prevention and Control of Water Pollution" and the "Law of Prevention and Control of Air Pollution" were promulgated. However, the introduction of supporting policies has been relatively slow. This situation did not improve until around 2000.
Thus if China's environmental protection industry and developed countries have similar development rules, the rapid growth of investment in China's environmental protection industry is expected to maintain more than 10 years.

2, environmental investment will rise further

Since 2015, China's environmental protection policies have shifted from total control to quality improvement. The "13th Five-Year Plan for Ecological Environment Protection" clearly focuses on improving the quality of the environment. In addition, "Water 10", "Atmosphere 10" and "Soil 10" The policy sets out the goal of environmental governance in more detail. Internationally, the proportion of environmental protection input in GDP is generally used to measure the input of environmental protection in a country. According to the international development experience, when environmental protection investment accounts for 1-1.5%, environmental pollution is expected to be initially controlled and when environmental protection investment reaches 2-3% Environmental quality may be improved. From the perspective of the proportion of investment in environmental protection, the proportion of investment in environmental protection in China's GDP is far less than the international level.

China's environmental protection investment in 2015 as a percentage of GDP was 1.6%, basically belongs to the total control phase. If we are to meet the environmental quality improvement target of the 13th Five-Year Plan, the share of environmental protection in GDP will rise to about 3%. Corresponding to the average annual growth rate during the Thirteen Five is expected to exceed 30%.

3, industrial concentration will further enhance the space

Garbage incineration industry: In the United States, the waste incineration industry experienced 20 years of golden growth in 1975-1995 with a relatively dispersed competition pattern. During the 8-10 years after the industry entered a stable period, the leading enterprise CVA focused on the main industry + In just four years (2004-2008), ro membrane cleaning the merger integration increased its market share from 27% to 53%, and finally the industry stabilized in the monopolistic competition pattern. China's waste incineration industry is still in rapid growth. As of the end of 2016, the top three were Jin Jiang Environment, Kang Heng Environment, Everbright International, with market share of 11.2%, 10.6% and 9.1%, respectively. The market share of the leading players in the industry was somewhat higher than that of the previous years, but relative to the United States There is a lot of room for improvement.

Water treatment industry: In the field of water treatment, according to the report, for the European water treatment equipment industry, the industry concentration is high. The top six manufacturers achieved a market share of 49.46% in sales revenue in 2016. With a market share of 13.90% in 2016, Veolia is a leader in the European water treatment equipment market. Followed by BWT, Degremont, respectively, in Europe with 10.05% and 11.77% market share. The domestic sewage treatment market structure is very scattered. By the end of 2012, the largest initial deal in the country handled only 6% of the country's total processing capacity. Nine listed companies only account for 23% of the processing power, but according to the data, the country's operating entities, a total of about more than 2,000. A large amount of processing power is dispersed in the water, municipal and other government departments, or regional small-scale water treatment enterprises, most of the local water authorities, or water treatment enterprises to seize the domestic sewage treatment capacity does not exceed 500,000 tons / day.

From a comparative point of view at home and abroad, China's environmental protection industry, the market concentration there is still much room for improvement.
Original title: China's environmental protection industry in 2017 concentration and enterprise size analysis

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