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bag filter system bag filter housing

2018-04-04 09:49:27

bag filter system
bag filter system
bag filter housing
bag filter housing
bag filter system  bag filter housing
bag filter system bag filter housing

 Introduction to the selection of bag filter systems
Primary Filtration: Cyclonic tube type gas-liquid separator: When the liquid-containing gas stream enters the gas-liquid separator, due to the swirling whirlpool design inside the cyclone tube, the gas flow will generate a strong vortex motion, thus forming a strong centrifugal force, making the solid particles and Liquid impurities stick to the wall of the cyclone. After the impurities are separated from the gas stream, they accumulate in the liquid accumulation area of the vessel. The purified gas leaves the cyclone separator with minimal pressure loss and enters the next stage of filtration.
Secondary Filtration: Filter Filtration and Separation: This stage consists of a number of replaceable or reusable filter elements. The type and accuracy grade of this type of filter element are selected according to the operating conditions, the purpose of which is to remove the smallest solid particles and to agglomerate the mist so that the droplets are maximally removed in the separator.
There are many choices of filter material, ultra-fine glass fiber, polyester, polypropylene, nylon and so on. According to different requirements choose different filter elements.
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