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bag filter for boiler The supplier describes the principle of the boiler's soda system

2018-01-17 13:28:27

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bag filter for boiler
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bag filter cage bag filter for boiler


bag filter for boiler The supplier describes the principle of the boiler's soda system
Throughout the steaming process, the working fluid passes through three heating stages in the boiler. The first is that the boiler feed water is heated to saturated water, which in turn is heated to saturated steam and superheated steam with a certain overheat temperature. These three processes are usually done on economizers on economizers, waterwalls and superheaters, respectively.
Boiler operation, the water through the water treatment and deaeration, after the pump to the high-pressure heater after the pressure booster, into the economizer inlet header. In general, feedwater is heated to saturated water in the economizer. But in fact different boiler situation is also different. For example, low-pressure small-scale industrial boilers using cast iron economizers generally do not heat feed water to saturated water; for medium-pressure boilers, the working fluid in the economizer outlet header may have a high saturated vapor content; for subcritical The boilers above the pressure may in turn require that the working fluid in the economizer's outlet header be an unsaturated liquid with large enthalpy. The working fluid flows from the economizer outlet header into the drum through the conduit. During this process, the working fluid flows under the forced action of the feed pump. The working fluid entering the steam drum flows down the downcomer into the lower header of the water wall, and is thus distributed to each water wall tube (ie, the riser) into the hearth to be heated, and the soda mixture is formed and returned to the drum. The flow in this section is maintained by the difference in density of the soda mixture in the downcomer and riser. After the steam and water mixture returns to the steam drum, it is separated by the steam-water separation device in the steam drum, the steam is concentrated in the steam space in the upper half of the steam drum, and the water enters the water space in the lower half of the steam drum and starts a new natural circulation flow. For high pressure boilers, it is common for each cycle to evaporate some of the water as saturated steam.
bag filter for boiler The supplier survey showed that saturated steam in the drum was separated and introduced into the superheater through the duct for overheating. When the superheated steam is heated to the rated temperature, it is delivered to the turbine for work. As shown in the boiler, the convection flue is equipped with a reheater. The steam from the outlet of the high-pressure cylinder of the steam turbine is led to the reheater for reheating. When the required temperature is reached, the reheated steam is reintroduced into the middle and low pressure cylinders of the steam turbine via reheat steam outlets to expand work.
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