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bag filter cage bag filter housing plastic

2018-01-24 09:59:24

bag filter cage
bag filter cage
 bag filter housing plastic
 bag filter housing plastic
bag filter cage    bag filter housing plastic
bag filter cage bag filter housing plastic

bag filter cage selection criteria
bag filter cage is characterized by: to remove small solid particles in the air stream (<1μm), and high separation efficiency. Generally 94 ~ 97%, up to 99%. The main drawback is: wear or clogged filter cloth faster; not suitable for handling high temperature or humid gas.
Bag filter is the main component of the filter bag, bags are recommended for use are:
1. Industrial polyester flannel. It has acid, heat (120 ℃ below), wear-resistant, load, high efficiency advantages.
2. Printing felt. Its performance and industrial polyester cloth similar, but the price is more expensive.
3. Glass cloth. It has the advantages of high filtration efficiency (generally 90-99%), low resistance, high temperature (<150 ℃), non-hygroscopicity and good chemical stability. The disadvantage is that it becomes brittle with increasing temperature. After special treatment of glass cloth can work properly left 260 ℃. Now the country has mass production of various diameter glass cloth bag (seamless).
In addition, there are single-sided cotton flannel, silk plain cloth, woolen and so on.
The performance of the bag has a great influence on the efficiency of the bag filter. Choosing the right bag must be based on the characteristics of the dust-laden gas (eg particle size, chemistry, temperature, humidity, etc.), taking into account the operating conditions and separation requirements.
Practice has proved that with twill and surface velvet fabric separation efficiency is higher, suitable for filtering non-fibrous particles, and plain fluffy fabric is suitable for filtering fibrous particles.
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