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bag filter cage bags and filters

2018-03-13 10:40:47

bag filter cage
bag filter cage
 bags and filters
 bags and filters
bag filter cage      bags and filters
bag filter cage bags and filters

 The new stainless steel bag filter cage adopts high quality stainless steel, which has good corrosion resistance, convenient disassembly and assembly, simple operation, reasonable structure and reliability, and is widely used by users.
product advantages
1. This machine can be widely used in pharmaceutical, food, beverage, water treatment, brewing, petroleum, chemical, anti-corrosion, environmental protection and other industries. It is the latest equipment for filtration, clarification, purification and sterilization of various liquids.
2. The use of bump-type filter plates effectively increases the cross-sectional area of ​​the water-conducting, reduces the liquid filtration and circulation resistance, frees the liquid to flow to any improper corners, and can maintain the stability of various liquid properties. The bump-type filter plate makes the filter media (Filter membranes, filter paper, etc.) are not easily damaged, prolonging the life of various filter media.
3, all the sealing parts are all installed (milk silicone rubber seals, non-toxic high temperature) no leakage, that is, on the front and back of the filter frame, import and export double-folding snap rings and other sealing parts are installed with a round sealing ring.
4. The input pipe part is fastened and sealed by a double-folding snap ring, which is convenient for disassembly and cleaning.
5, the machine can be based on the different production process of filtered liquid (primary, semi-fine filter, fine filter) requirements, replacement of different filter materials users can according to the size of production flow, reduce or increase the corresponding filter frame material, so that widely meet the production needs .
6. When the filter is working, the sealing ring is pressed tightly, the material liquid is lossless, the liquid clarification is good, and microfiltration membrane filtration and sterilization are more effective in removing bacteria.
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