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bag filter cage bag water filter

2018-03-05 10:51:45

bag filter cage
bag filter cage
 bag water filter
 bag water filter
bag filter cage      bag water filter
bag filter cage bag water filter

Filter type: The hydraulic system filters, filter material filter mechanism, divided into surface type, depth type and adsorption type three.
1) Surface type filter
The filtering is done by a geometric surface.
Filter material has a uniform calibration holes, you can filter out larger than the size of the hole particles. The filtered particles are trapped on the surface of the filter element upstream of the oil.
Due to the accumulation of particles on the surface, the filter cartridge is easily clogged and requires regular cleaning.
Network-filter and line-gap filter, all belong to this category.
① network filter, filter core package by the copper wire frame composition. Filtration accuracy is low, and the mesh size and the number of layers on the screen; 80,100,180μm. For pressure piping, commonly used copper mesh 100,150,200 purposes; for the suction pump pipe, commonly used 20 to 40 mesh copper wire mesh. Pressure loss does not exceed 0.004MPa. Simple structure, large circulation capacity, easy to clean.
② Line gap filter, the filter core from the wound metal wire composition, the use of small gaps between the lines to block the particles through. High filtration precision, there are three levels 30,50,80 m. For low pressure piping. Pressure loss does not exceed 0.03 ~ 0.06MPa. Simple structure, large flow capacity, low strength filter material, not easy to clean.
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