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bag filter cage bag filters for water

2018-02-08 10:18:27

bag filter cage
bag filter cage
bag filters for water
bag filters for water
bag filter cage       bag filters for water
bag filter cage bag filters for water

 bag filters for water, U-unidirectional flow, N-unidirectional flow, M-unidirectional flow and non-flow-alone flow
Different levels of clean room, the use of high efficiency air filters are basically the same. If the quality of the filter is guaranteed, the ventilation parameters (number of calls or average wind speed) is the key factor in determining the quality of clean projects. Currently required more stringent clean room project used in high-efficiency air filters are generally required to undergo a scan test. (At present, there are very few 100% leak detection in the factory for high efficiency filter). There are tens of thousands of units in the country where clean room construction can be carried out. Therefore, there are differences in the number of times of arousing and the average wind speed of various clean rooms. Fewer ventilation, investment, low operating costs, cleanliness on the risk. (According to experience, many domestic construction units adopt the ventilation rate much higher than the standard in order to successfully pass the acceptance test of the clean room).
Many units of clean room acceptance are carried out in a static state, after a long period of self-cleaning, generally can get high cleanliness test results, but the actual operation may not be the case.
Unidirectional flow clean room, also known as "laminar flow" or even flow clean room, the average wind speed of this clean room is crucial, the free diffusion speed of dust is 0.15-0.2m / s, if the wind speed can not suppress the diffusion speed of dust , The use of higher efficiency filter can not achieve the desired results.
Non-unidirectional flow clean room, also known as turbulence clean room, clean room by blowing air to dilute the dust, in order to achieve a certain degree of cleanliness requirements. Turbulent clean room due to more indoor operators, equipment and production process dust is also larger, high and low efficiency is not the decisive factor.
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