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bag filter cage bag filter system

2018-02-03 11:00:20

bag filter cage
bag filter cage
bag filter system
bag filter system
bag filter cage       bag filter system
bag filter cage bag filter system

bag filter system Manufacturer's description of bag filter procedures
First, the bag filter structure and working principle
1, bag filter bag filter structure, made of stainless steel tube, including three parts: the filter container, support basket and filter bag.
2, bag filter works The inflow of liquid from the entrance, through the bag to the outside of the bag, the filter out the impurities in the filter bag is trapped inside the filter bag, thus achieving the purpose of filtration. Filter bag can be replaced or cleaned to continue to use.
Second, the basic parameters of bag filter Equipment Type: DL-4P2S Filtration area: 2 ㎡ Container capacity: 285L Filter pressure: 0.4MPa Third, the installation precautions
1. Equipment should be installed by bypass or set the backup filter, so that equipment in the non-stop state maintenance and repair.
2. Equipment import and export should be installed valves.
3. The net distance between the equipment is not less than 1500mm; the distance between the equipment and the wall is not less than 1000mm; the equipment and the surroundings should be provided with the maintenance space of not less than 500mm.
After the pump starts, slowly open the input valve, let the liquid slowly into and fill the filter, to prevent sudden shock liquid bag, causing rupture, while exhausting the filter air, and then observe whether there is leakage. If no leaks, you can start filtering.
Filter import and export pressure gauge readings should be basically equal. The filter system at work should always check the pressure difference between import and export, so as not to over pressure on the filter bag rupture and support network damage.
With the use of time, bag filter residue gradually increased, when the pressure difference reaches 0.05 ~ 0.1MPa, should open the spare filter valve, close the filter to be seated the valve, open the filter cover, check the filter bag Slag conditions, replace the filter bag or remove the impurities continue to use.
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