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The performance of bag filter is widely used in various industrial fields

2017-10-19 17:43:52

Bag filter is a kind of novel structure reasonable, good sealing, circulation ability, easy operation and many other advantages, wide range of applications, adaptable multi-purpose filter equipment. In particular, the leakage rate of the filter bag side leakage, can accurately ensure the accuracy of filtration, and can quickly replace the filter bag, the basic filter without material consumption, making the operating costs. Applicable to paint, viscose, resin dyes, ink and oil products, chemicals and other industries liquid fine filter. Filter fineness by the filter bag to ensure that the middle without sampling re-inspection, and supporting the pump assembly in the mobile cart, to move to any production line to filter.

Bags filter inside the filter by the metal mesh support the filter bag, the liquid flow from the entrance, filtered by the filter bag after the outflow of impurities are blocked in the filter bag, filter bag can be replaced after use. Bag filter system is mainly based on deep filtration, surface filtration, adsorption filtration and other three filtering principles, with accurate, efficient and stable features.
Bag filter mainly includes: top-in open-type bag filter, side into the bag filter, large flow of multi-bag filter, stainless steel filter, and plastic bag filter; which also includes: Type filter, carbon steel bag filter, lining fluorine anti-corrosion bag filter, quick open bag filter.

Bag filter products have been widely used, the industry were:

1. Automotive industry: painting, coating and paint filtration

2. Electronic industry: process water pretreatment, tape coating, air pre-filtration

3. Food and beverage industry: juice, mineral water, milk, wine, vinegar, edible oil, syrup and other clear filter

4. petrochemical medicine chemical industry: lubricants, chemicals, oil, hot solvents, phosphate coatings and other particles in addition to filter

5. Biopharmaceutical industry: biological and fermentation, pharmaceutical water, rinse water, high mucus, cosmetics and other filters

6. Environmental protection: industrial and domestic water, textile and papermaking wastewater, metal cutting fluid, cleaning cleaning agent filter

7. Printing, furniture industry: ink, paint, resin, wax filter


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