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Principle and Application of High Efficiency Filter

2017-11-10 17:13:05

The environment is crucial to each of us. Due to the appearance of some environmental pollution, air filters have become more and more popular in our life in recent years. So, do you know what an efficient air filter is? Let us work together to understand the working principle and application of high efficiency air filter.

High efficiency air filter's main function is to capture the following 0.5um particulate dust and a variety of suspended solids. It uses a superfine glass fiber paper as a filter media, and with offset paper, aluminum film and other materials for the partition board, glued together with wooden frame aluminum alloy. Each high efficiency air filter must pass the nanoflame test. It mainly has high filtration efficiency, low resistance, dust holding capacity and other features. High efficiency air filter is widely used in the air-conditioned terminal air supply of dust-free purification plant in precision instruments, optical electronics, LCD liquid crystal manufacturing, beverage food, PCB printing and other industries. Efficient and ultra-efficient filters are usually used at the end of the clean room. According to the structure of the filter can be divided into: a partition efficient, no partition efficient, high wind capacity, ultra-efficient filters.

For high-efficiency air filters, its scope of application is mainly pharmaceutical, hospitals, electronics, precision machinery and other industries. Since high efficiency filters are generally used to filter the ends, the requirements for high efficiency filters are very strict.

As for the high efficiency air filter with partition board, its main features are low resistance, high efficiency, light weight and large dust holding capacity. Therefore, a partition of high efficiency air filter is more suitable for normal temperature and pressure air purification under normal conditions, especially for high efficiency air filter coverage of the relatively clean plant.

High efficiency air filter without partition is mainly used for the air outlet at the end of the clean room. It is mainly FFU, clean equipment and other forms of installation is widely used in electronics, semiconductors, food and other industries. It is usually superfine glass fiber filter for the filter and the use of aluminum alloy frame.

Understand the principle and application of high efficiency air filter, we will be more purposeful when choosing high efficiency air filter. In addition, we also need to understand their main purpose of using the air filter, and then combined with the filter features to choose from, to ensure that we can buy the most suitable filter.


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