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Mechanical filter has entered the golden ag

2017-09-26 15:42:02

Into the 90s of last century, China's machinery filter industry into a period of rapid development, mechanical filter demand growth is much higher than the global level. Since 1990, the apparent consumption of the global mechanical filter to an average annual growth rate of 6%, multi-cartridge filter housing and 90 years of 10 years, China's apparent consumption of mechanical filters is the world average annual growth rate of 2.9 times. Into the 21st century, China's machinery filter industry continues to grow rapidly.

China's mechanical filter industry development progress later, since the founding of the reform and opening up, China's mechanical filter demand is mainly based on industrial and national defense use. After the reform and opening up, the rapid development of the national economy, the people's living standards improved significantly, pulling the demand for mechanical filters.

Mechanical filter is a kind of precision equipment which can directly block the impurities in the water, purify the water quality, reduce the system dirt, bacteria algae, rust and so on to purify the water quality and other equipment of the protection system. The main components are: motor, electric Control box, control pipe, the main components, filter components, 316L stainless steel brush, frame components, drive shaft, import and export flange and so on.

Among the many water treatment equipment, the mechanical filter is undoubtedly one of the best equipment in industrial production, its efficient performance and safety and stability of the set to make it in the complex industrial production played an indispensable role. Mechanical filter used in one or more of the filter medium, under a certain pressure under the action of the sewage through the media, remove the unnecessary impurities, which can be selected according to the actual production situation.

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