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Introduction of Membrane Shell Material

2017-07-14 17:21:39

 It is possible for people in the environmental water treatment industry to know that both the reverse osmosis water treatment equipment and the desalination water treatment equipment, or the ultrafiltration water treatment equipment, require the use of membrane elements. A water treatment accessories, that is the membrane shell.
Membrane shell material is divided into two kinds, one is stainless steel membrane shell, the second is fiberglass membrane shell.
Stainless steel membrane shell is mainly used for reverse osmosis equipment, stainless steel membrane shell most models are smaller, can not be used with desalination equipment, and the appearance of a single, mainly stainless steel mirror polished. But the stainless steel shell, although smaller, but the price is more expensive.
Fiberglass membrane shell main application and ultrafiltration equipment and desalination equipment, because the glass fiber reinforced plastic membrane shell can be made into a large volume, so the use of water desalination equipment, fiberglass membrane shell, glass steel membrane shell can also be made into a variety of colors, but most Are white, glass fiber membrane shell is used to pull the polishing, the equipment surface is smooth, although the larger glass fiber reinforced plastic shell, but the price comparison of stainless steel is quite impressive.


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