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How to Get Started with Industrial bag Filter Housing?

2018-06-08 14:28:34

Cartridge filter vessels supply a wide selection of media options to address many filtration troubles. Among the chemical business, filtration is vital to make sure the very long lifespan of equipment employed in the manufacturing procedure. Bag filtration are available in a wide selection of uses from Automotive to Solvents and Lubricants. Bag filters are perfect for high flow filtration applications. They are unable to offer the same level of efficiency and degree of fineness that can be achieved using a cartridge filtration system. We can utilize Multi Bag filter housing if there's high flow rate. Filter bags also come in a number of materials and sizes to fulfill your requirements and work with the filter bag vessel of your selection.


In addition, for filters with a decrease micron rating, have a look at our choice of sanitary filter housings. Economically priced, enabling you to put in a duplex system for totally uninterrupted flow prices. Specifically designed to permit the usage of standard and distinctive filter bags.



The housings are made in 304 stainless steel with the choice of 316. Bag filter housings can be found in a broad range of configurations and materials. We provide a range of bag filter housings that are made to accept the primary industrial selection of bag filter sealing mechanisms, if it be the very simple wire neck ring or the more complex and more efficient moulded kind of neck ring, we'll have a vessel to suit. Our bag filter housing delivers excellent sealing capabilities that satisfy the demands of the majority of filtration applications. Our high quality Industrial Cartridge Housings are intended to fulfill your critical processing requirements.


Several Eaton filter bags and housings are created particularly to meet FDA regulations. Make certain you also take a look at our entire line of Eaton filter bags. They give an entire line of industrial cartridges and bag housings together with a comprehensive line of disposable bags and elements to satisfy your application.



No tools are required to open the cover. Below you might notice some of our distinctive application results for an older filter bag housing employing a distinctive plastic top. Duplex systems are advised for those applications where continuous operation is imperative. A minimal pressure drop bag filter process is an economical and effective method to supply this protection. Change of the filter bag is fast and straightforward. Opt for the micron rating of the filter bag to decide on the size matter you'll be filtering. We are glad to help you with any questions that may have on the merchandise or pricing.


Creative innovations have been the logic for an extremely diversified array of filter bag vessels to fulfill the most demanding along with standard applications. The design gives a clean and quick means to offer filtered air into tanks along with allowing gasses to flow out. The designs are based on a lot of years of industrial experience and supply maximum efficiency and dependability. We provides a comprehensive line of Arctic Bag Filter Housings to fulfill all of your bag filtration requirements. The extensive understanding of our engineers led to the development of special characteristics to our filter housings line. Here are a few of the other advantages. We're proud to assist you spend less on the products that you desire.


The housing works with number two bag filters to fit the demands of your application flow. In addition, we supply you with an assortment of industrial cartridge filter housings to pick from. We've got filter housings for nearly every filter cartridges we offer. No matter your application we have a housing to fit your wants and price range. The high purity Sanitary Cartridge Housings are intended to fulfill your critical processing requirements.


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