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Characteristics and specifications of large flow condensate filter

2017-09-26 15:38:44

1. High flow means the use of a smaller number of filters to reduce labor and operating costs;

2. High flow means the use of smaller size filter housing, reduce investment costs, saving floor space;

3. Filter replacement is quicker, easier and safe;

4. O-ring to ensure the reliability of the filter;

5. Hot-melt adhesive polypropylene material can prevent the release and unloading of particles, which is different from the ordinary wire wound filter;

6. Folding surface design makes the high flow filter pressure drop lower than the other filter, longer life;

7. To allow high-flow media through the filter, with high efficiency, low pressure loss and long life and other advantages;

8. The filter in and out of the structure makes the filter easy to replace, ro membrane installation while maintaining the pollutant interception in the filter inside;

9. The metal-free structure of the filter makes it possible for complete combustion, flattening and other environmental treatment;

10. Filter the value of the value of 3000;

11. Filter shell can be installed more than one filter, you can use a wide range of flow, whether it is activated or continuous operation can be used;

12. Filter durable, but also at least, the most economical configuration of the filter;

Large flow filter filter for large diameter and high flow rate of the pipeline and the development of its core parts with stainless steel folding filter, compared to the ordinary punching basket basket and rod-type folding filter multi-fold area.

Its greater than 50% of the opening ratio and straight-through structure, combined with the largest flow and minimum pressure, greatly reducing the overall size and weight, when the filter is stopped, only one person can clean up and maintenance.

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