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bag filters for water bag filter housing

2018-04-05 09:22:08

 bag filters for water
bag filters for water
bag filter housing
bag filter housing
  bag filters for water   bag filter housing
bag filters for water bag filter housing

 Bag filter for water installation
1. After the bag filter is used for a period of time for the first time, it needs to be cleaned to remove the impurities accumulated in the filter bag during the initial operation of the system.
2. The bag filter should be checked and cleaned periodically during use. The frequency is determined according to the specific intensity of use. When the filter is working for a period of time, some impurities will be deposited inside the filter bag. The pressure will increase and the flow rate will decrease. In this case, it should be promptly removed.
3. Before each maintenance and cleaning, isolate the filter from the pressure system. After cleaning, use a new gasket when reinstalling.
4. Please pay attention to the flow direction when installing.
The bag filter is a pressure type filter device. The liquid flows into the filter bag from the inlet pipe on the side of the filter housing. The filter bag itself is installed in the reinforcing mesh, and the liquid bag penetrates through the filter bag with the required accuracy level and can be qualified. Filtrate, impurity particles are captured by the filter bag. It is very convenient to replace the filter bag, and there is no material consumption for filtration.
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